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top 4 wishlist final 2023.PNG

Thank you for voting everyone! With a total of 363 votes, we have the results…


The winners for our Top Wishlist Poll 2023 are:

@mar29leap & @CouponTammy!

top 4 poll result.PNG

#4) A new laptop bc I am planning on going back to school! ---- @Exeleen4
#36) The #1 item on my wishlist is a Nintendo switch for my daughter in college. My 6 kids all love playing games together and whenever she’s home they team up and play together. They miss her so much when she’s at school and this would be such a great way to keep them connected. ---- @mar29leap

#47) Dear Santa, the only item on my list is a Kindle for my daughter. She loves to read and has wanted one for ages. I don’t need anything for myself. Thank you Santa!🎅--   @CouponTammy

#57) Oh man there's so many items, But if I had to choose it would be to get a new tablet. The one I have is really really slow and I would love to have a little bit bigger one than I have now. ❤️ 🎅 ❄️ 🎁- @sgpowers90

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