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Join us on TikTok, where we Pay it Forward to Waitress/Waiters!

Have a waiter/waitress that deserves that extra tip? Many times, we hear various stories where servers are struggling whether it be providing for their families/themselves or a student paying off their student loans. A tip may be more than giving them a moment of financial peace, but may also bring a spark of hope to continue their jobs. 

In addition, we also want the waiter/waitress to know that there may be a reason behind no tipping or a very small tip. Please realize that it may not be within their ability or means to pay for a tip. However, you may wonder why do they go out to eat if they cannot afford to tip? Perhaps we have to keep in mind that they only can afford to go to out to eat once in a very long time and they only saved enough money to cover the menu prices with very little left. After so many dinners consisting of only instant noodle and canned food, they too, want a good meal. Eventually in the future when they are able to pay for a decent meal, they will pay it back and maybe some more like we are doing right now.

Starting today, we are resuming Fermalife’s #TippingForward for in person dining where we will reimburse you for the full amount of the tip (=> 20% of the bill) up to $50 with an Amazon Gift Card! Every month, we will accept up to 5 participants. Record a short video of you writing "#TippingForward" on the receipt, and if you could capture of short video reaction of the waiter or waitress who picked up the tip, you will get an additional $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Does the waiter/waitress you want to tip reside in any states within the Mountain Time Zone? Check out the eligible states:



Eligible States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

How to Get Started With Our TikTok #TippingForward Campaign:


1) Complete this form here.


2) Once you receive an email approval from us, you can visit the establishment within the next 7 days. 


3) When you get the receipt, start your recording. Write the tip amount. (Please note that the tip you write must be equal to or more than 20% of your total bill, up to $50). Write "#TippingForward" on the bottom of the receipt (make sure it is the merchant copy.)


4) If you want to get an additional $50 in Amazon Gift Card, you can record the waiter's/waitress' reaction when you hand it over to them.

5) Upload the video of you writing "#TippingForward" on the receipt and the reaction (if you chose to do this option) on your TikTok account and tag us and put #TippingForward on the caption.  Your profile must be public in order to participate.

6) Email us the link to your TikTok video & receive your Amazon Gift Card.

Please refer to the video of our past participant(s) for a sample video of what we are looking for.   

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--------------- Frequently Asked Questions ----------------

#1) I do not have a TikTok but I want to participate. What can I do?

Good news! We have another version of Tipping Forward over on Instagram. Click here to learn more.
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