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Join us in Paying it Forward to The Delivery Courier from DoorDash or UberEats!

Many of us are so used to using delivery services like DoorDash and UberEats to get food safely delivered to their homes. We appreciate the efforts of all delivery couriers from driving to the restaurant, finding parking and finally delivering it to our homes so we can enjoy our meals in the comfort of our homes. Many delivery couriers now are people in your community that took on this job either to make ends meet due to the lost of a job or just to make some extra cash to provide for themselves or their families. Let’s pay it forward to a deserving DoorDasher or UberEats Courier! Have a delivery driver that deserves that extra tip? Join our #TippingForward movement! Remember, a tip may be more than just giving them a moment of financial peace; it may also bring a spark of hope to continue on their jobs.

In addition, we also want the delivery courier to know that sometimes there may be a reason as to why patrons leave no tip or a very small tip. Please realize that it may not be within their ability or means to pay for a tip. However, you may wonder why do they order delivery if they cannot afford to tip? Perhaps we have to keep in mind that they can only afford this delivery once in a very long time and they had only saved enough money to cover the menu prices with very little left. After so many dinners consisting of only instant noodles and canned food, they too, want a good meal. Eventually in the future when they are able to pay for a decent meal, they will pay it back and maybe some more like we are doing right now.

Starting now, you can join Fermalife’s new Instagram #TippingForward campaign where we will reimburse you with a $50 Amazon Gift Card if you leave a $50 tip for your delivery courier AND up to $30 reimbursement for your meal! (Just Added 9-10-2021!) Every month, we will accept up to 5 participants. Read more details on how to participate below.

Do you reside in any states within the Mountain Time Zone & some certain surrounding states? Check out the eligible states:


Eligible States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Follow these simple steps for our #TippingForward Movement:



1) Complete this form here.


2) Once you receive an email approval from us, you can place an order from DoorDash or UberEats within the next 7 days. Since DoorDash/UberEats requires you to enter the tip amount prior to the delivery, you will just put down $50 regardless of the total amount of the order.


3) After that, please take a screenshot of your receipt.

4) Post the picture of your receipt showing the delivery courier tip of $50 on your Instagram with the caption #TippingForward and tag us @fermalife (Your profile must be public in order to participate.)

Update 9/10/2021: We added a bonus to where if you ask your followers how much they tip their delivery drivers in the caption of your post, you will get $1 for each response up to 50 responses within the first 7 days of your post!

5) Receive your Amazon Gift Card.


Questions? Send us an email at or a DM!

--------------- Frequently Asked Questions ----------------


#1) I do not have an Instagram but I want to participate. What can I do?

Good news! We have another version of Tipping Forward over on TikTok. Click here to learn more.
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