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Think you got what it takes to build the highest Fermalife Tub Tower? We are giving you a chance to kick off the campaign and set a bar for others to beat. Currently, we do not have a record height and the FIRST follower to set the height will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Now it’s your chance to become Fermalife’s FIRST record #TowerSetter in our brand new campaign for our TikTok Followers! Like making content and fun videos? Interested in joining this campaign? Read the rules below and send in a request today!


To participate in this campaign, you must have a TikTok account and must agree to make a video of you building the Fermalife Tub Tower! Please follow the steps below to participate in the campaign:



1) Participants must finish the entire tub of Fermalife and use the empty tub to build the tower.


2) Submit your request by sending us a DM or email to beat the current record #TowerSetter. Once we send you a DM/email of approval, upload the video of you building the tower within 24 hours  to your TikTok account.


3) The participant must start from ground zero.

4) The tower’s lowest level must have the oldest expiration date. For example, if the first level of the tub(s) has an expiration of Jan 2021, anything above that level needs to be Jan 2021 or later.

Basically, the expiration of the next level(s) must be the same expiration or later than the previous level.


Please Note: We can not accept consecutive requests from the same TikTok accounts. (For example, you cannot beat your own record. You can submit another request only if your record has been beaten by another person.)


Ready to participate? Message @fermalife to get started!



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