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It's Christmas season and we're helping Santa! 🎅 On November 24th, we asked our followers to share with us their #1 top wishlist item. We received a message from Santa letting us know that he has an extra $500 Amazon Gift Card laying around in his workshop this Holiday season! So, on Dec. 8th, we asked our followers to let us know which of the 60 followers' wish would they like to see on the top 4 poll. We gathered the votes & these are the TOP 4! 


From now until Dec 22nd, please cast your vote between the 4 as Santa only has 1 gift card available. By allowing only our followers to vote for the wish that speaks to them the most, we are putting the power to the hands of our community. We believe that this approach ensures fairness and inclusivity. 

Only our community has the power to vote! If you are not yet following us on Twitter, simply send us a follow request to cast your vote. We check throughout the day.



🥇1st place will receive a 

$500 Amazon Gift Card!

✔️ VOTE NOW, ENDS 12/22/2023 @ 12:00 PM PST! 🗳️

Only our community of Twitter followers have the power to vote. Please note that we are accepting follow requests and we check throughout the day.

#4) A new laptop bc I am planning on going back to school! ---- @Exeleen4
#36) The #1 item on my wishlist is a Nintendo switch for my daughter in college. My 6 kids all love playing games together and whenever she’s home they team up and play together. They miss her so much when she’s at school and this would be such a great way to keep them connected. ---- @mar29leap

#47) Dear Santa, the only item on my list is a Kindle for my daughter. She loves to read and has wanted one for ages. I don’t need anything for myself. Thank you Santa!🎅--   @CouponTammy

#57) Oh man there's so many items, But if I had to choose it would be to get a new tablet. The one I have is really really slow and I would love to have a little bit bigger one than I have now. ❤️ 🎅 ❄️ 🎁- @sgpowers90

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