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We know that average public elementary teacher pays about $500 of their own money to help pay for classroom supplies for their students. We believe that teachers play a vital role in shaping the kids. We can’t thank them enough for their efforts. They show kids the most powerful tool that they need to lead a successful and happy life, which is kindness. As a result, we are going to help to fund 3 teachers up to $500 monthly so they can save their own money to buy something nice for themselves.


To be eligible for this funding, you will need to be a Public Elementary School teacher located in any states within the Mountain Time zone states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming or in the northern states of Central Time Zone including: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. We’ve expanded to the state of Tennessee! That is all we can do right now and we will expand the program in the future when we have more resources.

To Apply:

At the beginning of each new month, we will start to accept new projects. To get started:

Step #1. Contact us by DM or email ( first before you create the project to make sure we still have an available slot for your project.

Step #2. Once approved, create a project on for a goal of $500 or less with the project duration of 4 months. We will help to fulfill the project before the expiration date.


Please note that each month, we can only accept a maximum of 3 projects at a first come first served basis. View below to see the if there are any project slots available for this month. If there isn’t please check back the beginning of next month.





We are now accepting project requests for July.

Last Updated: July 23rd, 2024 at 9:30 AM PST

Please Note: We are only able to list a maximum of one project per teacher on our website at any given time. Once your project is fulfilled, you can submit a new request for another project to be listed.

🡆Are you interested in making a donation to our current teacher projects and a chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card? Please visit here to learn more:

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