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Introducing Our Latest Product..

  Organic Mountain Fresh     

Pure Selenium Loose Leaf Tea

Our 100% Organic and Natural Tea is Now Available!

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Organic & Pure

 Our organic mountain fresh tea is harvested from the mountainous parts of the Fujian region. Traditional tea in Fujian comes from Selenium rich soil that gives our tea extra benefits for health & longevity. Once wet, the tea leaves will expand, releasing flavors from the pores of the leaves. Each leaf is naturally large and has a sweet, long lasting taste. With more flavor, our tea can be brewed for multiple times with full & rich fragrance each time. Give the gift of longevity, tranquility, calmliness & elegance. Each box contains10 tea pouches. Add a ribbon or bow for an instant charming & thoughtful gift.


Boil Water 175° to 195°

Empty Into Strainer, Tea Bag or Teapot

Steep for 3-5 Minutes


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Rip bag open

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   Perfect Gift  of Health   

Our tea box is perfect for any gift bags and would wrap nicely as a present.

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Individually Sealed & Portioned

No need to measure by weight or teaspoon, simply add 8oz of water to our prepackaged tea for an effortless treat! Each tea bag is individually sealed & portioned. While the flavor is most intense when brewed hot, the tea is also crisp & refreshing as an iced tea. Add some honey or sweetened with sugar, this tea will quench your thirst on a hot summer day.

Smooth, Silky & Aromatic

Our roasted tea has a rich and flavorful profile with hints of orchid in slightly bitter yet sweet aftertaste.

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Citrus Fruits

Available On:

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