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Thank you for voting everyone! With a total of 848 votes, we have the results…


The winners for our #MothersDay Quotes/Sayings Poll are:


 1st: @ArtTeacherLife7 (#9) – $500 (29%)

 2nd: @deb2569 (#18) – $200 (26.3%)

 3rd: @sherrybracy (#57) – $100 (25.7%)

 4th: @DandyBeingTandi (#16) – $50 (19%)


#9) My mom said to trust my gut always. Words can tell lies, but people’s energy is always truthful. This has served me well. — ArtTeacherLife7 @ArtTeacherLife7


#18) Always be kind, it hurts no one. I hold that to my heart! — Deborah Morales @deb2569


#57) You have the power to do and be anything you want in life! — sherry bracy @sherrybracy


#16) I will never forget my mother telling me to listen to my gut and that my choices have consequences. This may be my last Mother’s Day with my mom, so I’m just trying to listen, stay present and make memories while we can. — Tandi  @DandyBeingTandi

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