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The top 4 most replied numbers will then be placed in a poll on Monday, Feb 19th, 2024. 

Please Note: Once the poll is created on 2-19-24, only our followers are able to cast a vote as we want to give the power only to the followers of our X community.

🥇1st place will receive a $1,100 Amazon Gift Card
🥈2nd place will receive a
$200 Amazon Gift Card
🥉3rd place will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card
4th place will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card




2/18/2024 @ 11:59PM PST! 🗳️


In your reply, simply type the number you want to see be placed in the poll. If you want to change your mind in the future, type the new number in a new reply. (We will use the latest, most up to date reply.)


Please Note: If the winning entry is similar to yours but yours didn't make it to the top 4, please do not feel left out or that the process is unfair. We tried to be inclusive so that each follower has an equal & fair chance. We encourage participants to vote based on genuine resonance with the aspirations or saying rather than solely supporting friends or family. Only 1 vote per person. Please only reply with one number. If for any reason you put more than 1 number, we will use the first # that was typed, unless otherwise indicated.  Only replies that were made directly to the New Year aspirations tweet were included. It is up to our sole discretion to include tweets. Not every tweet replied from our followers were included.

Thank you for reading the entire list, please fill out the missing letters:   ______________________    to win a $50 Amazon gift card! Click here to solve!

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