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At the heart of our #DeserveToBeSpoiled campaign is a deep appreciation for the amazing people in our lives. We asked our followers to tag someone who they think deserves to win in our February drawing tweet. Then, on April 17th, we asked our followers to let us know which of the 210 replies they most resonated with. We gathered the votes & these are the TOP 4! Now, it's time to put it in a poll! From now until April 28th, please cast your vote between the 4 on which one you resonate the most with! By allowing our followers to vote for the reply that resonates with them the most, we are putting the power of recognition and appreciation into the hands of the people. We believe that this approach ensures fairness and inclusivity, and reflects the true spirit of our campaign - celebrating the deserving and inspiring people who make our world a better place. Only our community has the power to vote! If you are not yet following us on Twitter, simply send us a follow request to cast your vote.



🥇1st place will receive a $700 Amazon Gift Card
🥈2nd place will receive a
$200 Amazon Gift Card
🥉3rd place will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card
🏅4th place will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

✔️ VOTE NOW, ENDS 4/28/2023 @ 3:00 PM PST! 🗳️

Only our community of Twitter followers have the power to vote. Please note that we are accepting follow requests and we check throughout the day.

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