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Photo Requirements:

  • No selfies as selfies tend to cut off the building.

  • No blurriness to the flag OR building.

  • Do not block more than 10% of the building.

  • Your face must not be covered by the flag.

  • There must be no construction at the landmark.

  • Please try to find a spot where there's not a lot of people in the background.

  • We ask that you do not trespass private properties and abide all city and federal laws.

Video Requirements:

  • The video must be at least 10 seconds long

  • In the video, you can give fun facts about your state or just say the name of your state.

✔️ Good Photo

good example.PNG

 Bad Photo

You can click on the arrow to view more examples of bad photos. The images will also begin to scroll on its own.

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