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February - Valentine's Day


Currently Drawing @10 AM:
If you participated in our bonus tagging game,the person you tagged to win with you must also need to send us a DM to confirm the win. If you tagged the winner, you must also send us a DM to confirm the win. All tagged persons must have already been a follower before February 10th, 10AM PST in order to be eligible in winning. Remember, if your username was drawn and the account was/is protected at the time of drawing, you are also ineligible to win. In addition, if your username was drawn and you are currently on the inactive list, you are ineligible to claim this prize but your username will be taken off of the inactive list should you send us a DM to confirm.

Reminder: If you participated in our Groundhog Day prediction game from Jan 27th to Feb 1st, your prize will be DOUBLED to $200 if you guessed correctly that Phil will see his shadow/6 more weeks of winter. If you guessed correctly AND stated you currently live in PA, your prize is TRIPLED to $300!

Announcing The Winner Page: 3 PM

PLEASE NOTE FOR POSSIBLE REDRAW: There will be a redraw only if there are less than 11 followers to claim the gift card. If we get at least 11 followers (including tagged followers) to confirm the win, there will not be a redraw. In addition, the bonus tagging game / groundhog day game will not apply to redraws. This means that if there is a redraw and you are one of the redraw winners, your tagged person or the person who tagged you will not win with you.  (If the tagged person is currently not our follower, no worries, they will not be placed into the inactive list. 😉)In addition, if you participated in the groundhog prediction, the multiplier will not apply to redraws. 

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