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To Participate, Follow These Easy Steps:

Step #1) Download the game and make a new Heroes Evolved Account. Once you created the account, you will automatically be taken into the tutorial gameplay. Once you finish the tutorial, return to the main page.

Step #2) Start your recording. On the top left corner of your screen, you will see your avatar and a set of #s which is your username. Click on the avatar. It will take you to your profile. Click on the pencil next to "Add your birthday" to change your username. Please change the username to your X username. (If your username is longer than what is allowed, just put as much characters as you can. For example, if your username is Fermalife12345678, you will put Fermalife123 as it only allows you to put 12 characters.) Press OK. It will confirm your username is updated. Stop the recording.

Step #3) Play "Ranked" games and level up as high as you can. Play as many games as you want to reach higher levels.

Step #4) Once you've reached your highest level, start the recording again. Click on your avatar to go to your profile. Click on "Stats" on the menu on the left hand side. Stay on that screen for 3 seconds. Then, click on "Honor". Scroll down slowly to show all of your badges. Click here for the step by step on your recording.

Step #5) Then, upload your video to Tiktok and reply to this post with the Tiktok video link. Reply with the link by April 10th 11:59PM PST. On the Tiktok video caption, please put #LevelUpFermalife and tag us at

View a sample entry of what your video should look like:

Profile Screenshot.png
Username Screenshot.png

Tiebreaks: If any participants are tied in levels, we will use their Stats & Honors to determine the winner. For example, if all the participants are tied at level 50, we will use the highest match count on the Stats page to determine winner. If the match count is the same, we will use how many times you've received "MVP" on the Honors page for the tiebreak. If any other tiebreaks are further needed, it will be under our discretion to determine the final winner. 

Please Note: Only Tiktok video links replied to this post will be accepted. It must have been replied before 4-10-24 by 11:59PM PST to be included. Winners will be announced on 4-11-24.

Our Official Tiktok:

If you have any questions, please do not wait until the last minute-- please send us a DM as soon as you can.

Don't Have Tiktok?

If you don't have a Tiktok you still can join the fun! We will do a special drawing for those who reply to the post with the screenshot of their Heroes Evolved QR Code. You just need to be at least a Level 8 to be eligible. 11 followers who shared their QR code will be randomly selected to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card! **BUT THERE'S MORE!** Among these 11, the top 3 with the highest level will win MORE! If there is a tie in levels, we will use how many times you've received "MVP" under the Honors Tab. Therefore, give your best in every game, as it could impact your chances of winning more or less!

1st Highest Level =
$300       |       2nd Highest Level = $200       |       3rd Highest Level = $150

Winners must send us a DM within 24 hours of us announcing the winners.
All replies must be made before 4-10-24 11:59PM PST to be included.

To Find Your Heroes Evolved QR Code:

Click on Social on the bottom.

main page.png

Click on Find Friends To See Your QR Code

QR code.png

Share this screenshot in the reply to our post by 4-10-24 11:59PM PST to be included in the drawing. Let us know what level you've reached. You must be at least a Level 8 to be included. Winners will be announced on 4-11-24.

We will check your profile to verify levels, in addition to stats / honors for tiebreakers. If we can't locate your account, you will not be included.

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