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HOW IT WORKS: Just Follow Fermalife on X. You will automatically be included in our monthly drawing as long as you are a follower (protected/private and inactive accounts are not eligible to claim the gift card)! We will then randomly choose the followers each month to win an Amazon Gift Card. Then, we will announce the winners’ X username/handle on this page. Each character of the winners’ username will be substituted with an * and we will provide the X account creation date as a clue. For example, if @fermalife is a winner, it may look something like this @***m****e. We also provide the account creation date. Please make sure you double check if the winning username’s account creation date matches yours. The winner has to Direct Message us within 24 hours (unless otherwise specified in the drawing), post the winning announcement posted on this page and pin it to their profile.

REDRAWS: If winners do not contact us and post to confirm their win within 24 hours, we will choose another follower(s) to take their place to win by doing a redraw. For example, if we are drawing for 9 winners and only 1 of the 9 confirm, we will do a redraw since there are 8 slots open for remaining gift cards. Redraws are a little bit different. We will announce a certain amount of usernames and the first of the specified amount to send us a DM will confirm the win. There is a maximum of 2 redraws. Redraw #2 is the last final chance to win.

INACTIVES: If for any reason the winners do not contact us within the 24 hour period from announcement, they will be put in the inactive list. Once placed in the inactive list, they will have to get their names chosen again in a drawing and send us a DM before they can win again. No exceptions.

It’s that simple, so make sure to turn on all your notifications for when we post the winner
so you do not miss out! Still got questions? Send us a DM!

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🎆This month of July, we're celebrating our freedom and so we let our community choose the amount of winners & the amount of the Amazon Gfit Card! Our community has voted & want to switch things up with 9 followers winning a $800 Amazon Gift Card each! 🔔 Join Fermalife's #ThankingOurFollowers drawing where we randomly pick 9 followers to win a $800 Amazon Gift Card each. Only our followers on Twitter are entered in the drawing so follow us before 10AM PST on July 5th to be included in the drawing! Stay tuned on Twitter. Remember, your account must be public (non protected) at the time of drawing to be eligible to win! Need help determining if your profile is public? Click Here.

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