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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 150% Money-Back Guarantee?


Put us to the test! Fermalife will improve your digestion & raise energy levels! We are so positive that you’ll be happy with our nutritional beverage mix that we offer a “30 Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied with our product. In fact, we are so confident in our product that we are willing to offer a 150% money-back! In addition, if you are a top athlete who want a better performance, and do not see the improvement after you taking the product, you qualify for our 200% money back guarantee or basically double your money back! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us at and we will promptly issue a refund.

What is fermalife?


Fermalife is the world’s first fermented soy nutritional beverage mix conveniently available for all consumers who not only care about their health, but for those who care about the planet and animals. Our company’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a quality life through a healthy lifestyle and it all starts with what you intake. We are what we eat after all! With only 4 ingredients, each ingredient boosting its overall nutritional value– Fermalife is a source of complete amino acids, fibers, minerals and vitamins. Our line currently features a rich and chocolatey ready to drink mix that is easy on the stomach and great for the body!

What is the difference between fermented soy and regular soy?


First off, our fermented soy powder undergoes an advanced fermentation technique that basically breaks up all of the hard to digest parts of the whole soybean into bioavailable nutrients that allows the body to absorb easier and more efficiently. This increases the digestibility so our bodies need to work less for more. Without the fermentation process, regular soy products contain phytic acid which basically blocks certain nutrients from entering the body. Beyond the benefits of digestibility, the fermentation process naturally produces probiotics (the good bacteria in our bodies.) Together with fermented soy, these benefits will help boost your immune system.

What is fermentation and why am I hearing about this everywhere?


Fermentation is definitely the latest trend when it comes to healthy eats and foods.  Not only does fermentation increases the overall nutrients, it also enhances the taste and shelf life! It’s no wonder why people choose fermented foods as there is nothing to lose and many to gain! The fermentation trend is here to stay for good.

How often should I drink Fermalife?


There are no restrictions on how many servings you should drink as it is a nutritional support food and not a medical food. We recommend at least 1 serving per day to notice the difference in your body over the course of 2 weeks. Of course, more than one serving a day will most likely give you an additional boost of nutrients.

Is this gluten free?


Yes, it most certainly is. At 3.0 ppm (0.0003%)  are beverage is gluten free. We’ve attended many gluten free expos and our customers all love our beverage mix! Certificate is available upon request.

Is this Vegan?


Most definitely. Our mission is to promote good living and sustainability—so our products are plant based and cruelty free. With only 4 ingredients, our nutritionally rich beverage mix contains no dairy or animal products.

At what temperature should I store the tub?


You would want to store in a cool, dry area. Avoid direct sunlight. Recommended temperature is 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to get a refund?

Just fill out the form by clicking the link below.

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