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📷 🎃On October 6th, we asked our followers to share with us their Halloween decor. 🐈‍⬛🌕 We want to run a Halloween contest to treat those followers who shared their decor with us!


The first ever grand prize of a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card will go to one of the followers listed below! 


👻Before that though, we want to ask our community to help by replying to this tweet, which # you want to support & see in the top 4 poll by October 22nd, 2023. In your reply, simply put the number you would want to vote for. If you want to change your mind in the future, type the new number in a new reply. (We will use the latest, most up to date reply.)

The top 4 most replied numbers will then be placed in a poll on October 23rd:


🥇1st place will receive a 💥$1,000💥 Amazon Gift Card

🥈2nd place will receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card

🥉3rd place will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card

🏅4th place will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

✔️ REPLY WHICH # YOU WANT TO SUPPORT BY: 10/22/2023 @ 11:59PM PST! 🗳️

Please note: Only 1 vote per person. Please only reply with one number. If for any reason you put more than 1 number, we will use the first # that was typed, unless otherwise indicated. Only pictures that were received (replied) before October 16, 2023 11:59PM PST were included. It is up to our discretion to include/exclude images/videos that we find relevant for this contest. Not all images/videos replied were included. Gifs and unrelated pictures were also not included.

For mobile device users, you can scroll by swiping to the left or right to view the photos. Alternatively, you can click on "Request Desktop Website" on your mobile device. 

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